Water Tight Union


Remove enough jacket and armor from the end of the cable to allow wire leads long enough to make connections to equipment.

Water Tight Union


Remove sufficient amount of jacket to allow for making a good grounding bond of the armor to connector.

OMIT THIS STEP IF NOT USING SLEEVE!* Slip heat shrinkable sleeve over cable before installing the connector into the equipment. Do Not apply heat to sleeve at this time.


Loosen gland nut without removing. Screw the connector onto the cable making sure it is tight enough to make a good bond. Tighten gland nut with channel locks or strap wrench until tight (gland firmly contacts PVC jacket on cable).

Without removing the male hub and hub nut from the connector, loosen the hub nut and screw the male hub into a threaded entrance on the equipment. With channel locks tighten hub and then tighten hub nut on connector.

OMIT THIS STEP IF NOT USING SLEEVE! Slip heat shrinkable sleeve over cable and connector and apply heat to shrink the sleeve.

*Note: Heat shrinkable sleeves only protect the connector from corrosives, they are not necessary for water tightness.